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By Margo

Rephrasing the Greek philosopher, Heraclitus: “The only constant in life, is change”. Throughout the last decades, we have been observing how trends in fashion and beauty have been changing at a dizzying pace season after season. However, there is a clear common denominator: red lipstick.

We are looking at the best-seller and most used makeup product in History around the world. It turned out to be the household therapist for women during the Second World War.


Basic Necessity

Despite the halting production of non-essential goods, during the Second war the British prime minister, Winston Churchill, turned a blind eye to this cosmetic product due to its beneficial effects on mental health. Thus, whereas many items were streamlined, red lipsticks were distributed as often as flour.

The fact that Adolf Hitler was completely against cosmetics also had a great impact and played a large part in it. Therefore, this was a strong reason to encourage British women to wear it to the outside world as a propaganda role.

Red lipstick has become a female empowerment symbol that gives us strength, power, and instant confidence. Let me share with you some reasons why you should wear red lipstick more often:​

  • Red lipstick suits us allbut not every red shade works. Let me explain.​

You only must do some research and analyze your skin tone and undertone to come up with the ideal red shade for you. That is to say, stick to the one-color palette that better suits you and fits your tone perfectly.

For instance, if your skin tone is warmer, you should go for a red color with some orange undertone in it (corals, tangerine…). For people with cold skin, opt for a red lipstick with blue undertones such as burgundy, for example. Lastly, if you have a neutral skin tone, congratulations! Every red shade works on you!

This rule can be extrapolated to clothing as well since it gives us a better harmony to our face. For it, mind your skin, hair, and eyes color. 

  • How can I figure this out? The easiest and most effective way would be asking your wrists' veins.

If they are more greenish, you belong to Warm House. Nevertheless, if they are bluer then you get into the Cold House. Keeping this in mind, you will be able to recognize which red tone suits you better.


Which outfit should I wear to master a perfect “red liplook?

Pick up neutral garments to focus the attention on our face: plain white tops, sailor stripes, navy clothes, or denim, amongst several possibilities.

  • Fixes and sculpts the lips

Since red lipstick gives higher coverage, we can recreate or transform the natural shape of our lips drawing new lines or strokes. Using the “overlip” technique, for instance, we can accentuate and enhance more easily our Cupid’s vow to make them look fuller.

  • It can turn around a bad day!

Red is an electric and energetic color that inspires power and passion. A great beauty evocator of 50’s glamour, it plays an important role as a female seduction advocate through History, as well as a key self-confidence tool.

If you prefer not to wear a red lip because you are afraid of “drawing too much attention”, you can combine it with a softer or natural makeup look. You will see how lips will give you extra light to your skin, as well as a livelier appearance. Goodbye, dark circles…

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