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By Margo

Recently, I have tested the iconic ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’ from Giorgio Armani Beauty, the star product in and out of the great fashion & beauty brand. So, here is what I have to say about it!

A few weeks ago, I decided to bet on a classic makeup staple within the beauty industry: the ‘Luminous Silk Foundation’ by Giorgio Armani Beauty. If you were a curious child, presumably you discovered this beauty product included in your mother’s makeup collection, am I right?

From the brand, they highlight some of its multiple benefits such as the availability in different skin tones (up to 40 shades!) and for all skin types.

Undoubtedly, all MUA around the world agree on the same quality: its fantastic radiant finish on the skin. This foundation gives a natural look without covering too much of our skin and provides an amazing healthy glow.


Like I'm wearing... nothing at all!

The "Luminous Silk" by Giorgio Armani claims to be one of the leading 'fond de teint' since generations.

Just like its name suggests, this is a luminous, lightweight, and quite comfortable foundation to wear on a daily basis. Besides, It is also buildable. That is to say, you could work, layer by layer, with a more precise quantity of the product and adjust the coverage according to your needs and preferences.

The word-of-mouth and the substantial reviews posted on the Internet have rendered and delivered a verdict: this is the “Best Makeup Foundation” in the market. It is oil-free and has been formulated with exclusive “Micro-Fil” technology which “helps to sculpt and brighten the skin, improving texture and blurring imperfections”, according to their official site.

To obtain the desirable silk effect on your skin, you can use a flat brush – for example, the ‘Maestro Signature Blender Brush’ – or your beauty blender. The Giorgio Armani Beauty Company recommends completing the makeup routine using the rest of the products within the ‘Luminous Silk’ line, such as the Luminous Silk Hydrating Primer, Luminous Silk Concealer and liquid highlighter, and Fluid Sheer.


Ok, but... worth it?

From a more personal point of view, I do confirm and verify this foundation delivers what it promises, ratifying why it is proclaimed the number #1 foundation since its launch more than a decade ago.

It is comfortable, very lightweight and allows you to obtain the optimum coverage depending on your specific needs. Nevertheless, if you are after a high-coverage product in just one brush stroke... I regret to say that the ‘Luminous Silk’ is not the right one for you.

Since I have tendency for sheer makeup products that, to some extent, “free” my skin a little bit more and let my imperfections not completely covered, the ‘Luminous Silk’ by Giorgio Armani looks like a veritable discovery and success to me.

So... am I likely to purchase it again as soon as I run out of it? Definetely!

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